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About Company

Royal Ambulance is a premier provider in the medical transport industry, committed to connecting patients and providers in the healthcare continuum through transportation, technology and seamless experiences. We strive to positively impact each patient journey, with a focus on empathy, customer service and superior clinical care.

In order to deliver on this promise to our patients and our customers, Royal understands that this level of focus and care starts with our Team Members. They are the ones who truly make us a great company.  We see ourselves as a “building block” for young and aspiring healthcare professionals, and our job is to help them become healthcare Leaders. By providing them with a fun and supportive and environment, surrounded by other like minded individuals who treat one another like family,  we are able to build a culture of driven, empathetic, engaging and adaptable team members all working together towards a common goal.

Mission: At Royal Ambulance our mission is to positively impact the patient’s journey, make our customers’ jobs easier, and develop healthcare leaders.



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