How to Post a Job on Career Responders: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hey there! In this video, I’ll walk you through the process of posting a job on Career Responders. We connect medical job employers with candidates, and when you post a job with us, we provide you with a seamless experience. I’ll guide you through registering as an employer, selecting a package, optimizing your job post for better visibility, and the importance of completing your profile. I encourage you to watch the video to learn how to effectively post a job and maximize your chances of finding the right candidates.

Step 1: Visit Career Responders Start by navigating to Here, you have the option to post a job directly from the top right corner of the homepage or to register an account for more comprehensive access and features.

Step 2: Register or Log In If you’re new to Career Responders, click on the option to register an account. You’ll find two tabs: “Candidate” and “Employer.” Select “Employer” to proceed. Fill in your email address (make sure it’s one you have access to since communication will be sent there) and create a password. Click on the “I’m not a robot” captcha and accept the terms and conditions to continue. Your privacy is respected here; no spam will be sent, nor will your information be sold.

Step 3: Choose a Package Once registered, you’ll be directed to choose a job posting package. Options range from a monthly subscription at $150, allowing for up to 25 job postings and support, a single job post for $50 and a free package offering up to 1 job postings. Select the package that best suits your hiring needs.

Step 4: Create Your Job Posting The key to a successful job posting is a descriptive title. Include important keywords that job seekers might use, such as “Registered Nurse” or “Caregiver.” Next, provide a clear and concise job description. Fill in the required fields, such as job category, type, and any relevant tags. It’s also recommended to upload a photo related to the job to make your posting more appealing.

Step 5: Set Up Your Employer Profile Your employer profile is crucial. It not only establishes you as a preferred employer but also serves as a powerful landing page. This profile can help you attract the right candidates and even provides a valuable backlink to your website, improving your search engine ranking. Take the time to fill in detailed information about your business, including profile photos, the number of employees, contact information, and location.

Step 6: Manage Your Job Posting After your job is posted, you can manage applicants, shortlist candidates, and receive candidate alerts. This system allows for efficient communication with potential hires. You can even set up online meetings with candidates, streamlining the hiring process.

Step 7: Get Support If you encounter any issues or have questions, Career Responders offers support. Click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the website for assistance.