Home Health Aide

May 26, 2023
$33363 - $50044 / year

Job Description

Work at VITAS as an HHA and get an extra payout! HHA’s are DIFFERENCE MAKERS: That’s why, after 12 months of active service, HHAs working 20 or more hours a week can receive a $$LUMP-SUM PAYOUT$$ in recognition of their support and dedication to our patients and their fellow team members. They’re at the heart of everything we do, providing excellent care at the bedside each and every day with Commitment, Compassion, and a Can-Do Attitude. Salary Range: $33,363 – $50,044 / Annual



The VITAS Home Health Aide (HHA) is a non-exempt employee, who is trained to provide personal care and services to hospice patients to augment care given by family members or other caregivers.



Performs only those personal care activities contained in a written assignment. Home Health Aide (HHA) assignments may include:

1. Home Health Aide (HHA) helps the patient to maintain good personal hygiene.

2. Home Health Aide (HHA) plans and prepare meals. Feeds or assist with feeding the patient when needed.

3. Home Health Aide (HHA) assists the patient ambulation.

4. Home Health Aide (HHA) assists with certain treatments as ordered by the physician, and taught and supervised by the nurse for a specific patient including: assist with the change of the colostomy bag; assist with the use of a walker or wheelchair; reinforcement of a dressing; assist with prescribed range of motion exercises; assist with prescribed ice cap or collar; measure intake and output of fluids; and assist with medications that are ordinarily self-administered.

5. Home Health Aide (HHA) reads and records temperature, pulse and respiration.



1. Home Health Aide (HHA) assists in maintaining a safe and healthy environment .

2. Home Health Aide (HHA) promotes the patients mental alertness through involvement in activities of interest.

3. Home Health Aide (HHA) provides simple emotional and psychological support to the patient, family, and other caregivers.

4. Home Health Aide (HHA) reports any changes in the patients mental or physical condition or home situation to the VITAS Nurse and members of the interdisciplinary team.

5. Home Health Aide (HHA) teaches basic personal care to the primary caregiver.

6. Home Health Aide (HHA) practices basic infection control measures.

7. Home Health Aide (HHA) observes, reports, and documents patient status and the care and activities provided.

8. Home Health Aide (HHA) completes at least 12 hours of in-service training per calendar year.

9. Home Health Aide (HHA) handles other tasks as assigned.



1. Be assigned by VITAS to any institutional setting.

2. Change sterile dressings.

3. Irrigate body cavities (such as an enema).

4. Irrigate a colostomy or wound.

5. Perform a gastric lavage or gavage.

6. Catheterize a patient.

7. Administer medications.

8. Apply heat by any method.

9. Care for a tracheotomy tube.

10. Suction a patient.

11. Provide any personal care that has not been assigned by the VITAS nurse or included in the plan of care.



1. High School graduate or equivalent preferred.

2. Meets personnel qualifications of a Home Health Aide as specified in 42 C.F.R. Section 484.4 and Section 484.36.

3. Documented evidence of 75 hours of training as specified in 42 C.F.R. Sections 484.36 (a)(1).

4. Documented evidence that Home Health Aide has successfully completed a Competency Evaluation program as described in 42 C.F.R. Section 484.36(b).



1. Home Health Aide (HHA) has the ability to read, write, and carry out directions.

2. Home Health Aide (HHA) has the ability to travel per job requirements.

3. Home Health Aide (HHA) has a telephone available in home.




The physical demands described for the Home Health Aide (HHA) are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


While performing the duties of the Home Health Aide (HHA), the employee is regularly required to:

1. Assist in lifting and transferring patients, as required.

2. Lift objects in excess of 20 pounds

3. Stand or walk in excess of one hour per day

4. Talk and hear


Specific vision abilities required by the Home Health Aide (HHA) include:

1. Close vision

2. Distance vision

3. Ability to adjust focus


The Home Health Aide (HHA) will be required to sit and stoop, kneel, and crouch.



1. Home Health Aide (HHA) reports directly to the VITAS Nurse.

2. Home Health Aide (HHA) receives clinical direction from the VITAS Nurse.


VITAS® Healthcare is the nation’s leading provider of end-of-life care, and has the resources and expertise to support your personal and professional growth. As a member of the VITAS team, you’ll find fulfillment working for a people-focused organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others. You will be more than just an employee: You will be counted on as an expert in your field, and as a valued team member whose efforts are respected and vital to our hospice mission.


All VITAS employees commit to fulfilling their duties and responsibilities with the highest regard for professionalism, collaboration and teamwork, and an eye focused constantly on growth and improvement. We serve with commitment and compassion, and position ourselves for the future by embracing, innovating, and leading change. If you are that person, make your voice heard—find your purpose at VITAS today.

Benefits Include:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance
  • Pre-tax healthcare and dependent care flexible spending accounts
  • Life insurance
  • 401(k) plan with numerous investment options and generous company match
  • Cancer and/or critical illness benefit
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Paid Time Off
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Legal Insurance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Affinity Program

Many of our positions offer the opportunity to work day or night shifts, weekdays or weekends.

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