Travel Registered Nurse – OR in Irving, TX – Excellent Benefits…

July 5, 2024

Job Description

TravelNurseSource is working with Amare Medical Network to find a qualified OR RN in Irving, Texas, 75061!

About The Position…

Operating Room Nurses Responsible for planning, executing, directing and evaluating, direct and indirect nursing care given to the surgical patient. The nursing activities may include preoperative, intra-operative and postoperative evaluation. Operating Room Nurses may be employed in several roles including scrub, circulating or function in both roles.


Job Requirements

Required for Onboarding
• Color Vision Mandatory Exam
• Core Mandatory Part I
• Core Mandatory Part II (Nursing)
• Core Mandatory Part III
• Operating Room RN
• Preventing Medication Errors
• RN Pharmacology
• RN State License

5 Benefits Of Travel Nursing
• A diverse portfolio of experiences adds depth to your professional profile. This can be beneficial if you decide to pursue leadership roles, advanced degrees, or specialized certifications.
• Advocating for patients from diverse backgrounds and with different healthcare needs refines your patient advocacy skills, making you a more effective advocate in various healthcare settings.
• Develop strong problem-solving skills and self-reliance as you navigate new environments independently. This independence is not only professionally empowering but also personally fulfilling.
• Interacting with patients from diverse backgrounds enhances your cultural sensitivity. This is crucial in providing patient-centered care and fostering positive patient experiences.
• Travel nursing provides a level of professional autonomy. While adhering to facility policies, you have the opportunity to work independently and contribute your expertise to different teams